YouTube fashion channels every man must follow

Struggling to tie your tie? Don’t know how to mix and match to bring that panache in your look? Want to know about the right measurements for your very first double-breasted suit?

Worry no more; YouTube is here at your service!

Among the countless experts offering their services online, here are my top three YouTube men’s fashion and lifestyle channels everyone should follow (in ascending order) –

Raphael’s channel is my third pick. He speaks very passionately as he walks you through the subject of the video. He not only talks about fashion and lifestyle but also about basic etiquette, which I believe is essential for every man to know.

His videos helped me learn about tuxedoes, the right measurements for suit jackets, the different types of dress codes and the history behind the attires. When it comes to critiquing fashion, he does not hesitate to even point out mistakes made by the Duke of England. You will feel as if you have earned a PhD degree in fashion once you have watched his videos!

Jordan O’Brien has a unique style statement. What has caught my attention over the years is his out of the box yet stylish dress sense. He brings together various outfits to make his ‘look-book’ videos. Hairstyle tutorials, products reviews and DIYs are the other excellent contents he offers in his channel.

His video on shirttail stays (helps in putting your shirt tucked all day) was so convincing and smartly put together that I bought mine right away.

Recently, he has started making short films of him going to different places in different outfits which are a great way of showcasing what to wear. This way you get to know about the versatility of those garments and also get to see so many wonderful places one can visit.

Gentleman’s Cove is my second pick.

And my first pick is (drum rolls!) – Real Men Real Style.

It is incredible how much Antonio Centeno knows about every aspect of men’s styling, grooming and lifestyle. His team consistently puts in quality content week in, week out; both detailed and appealing.

RMRS is where I got to know about Gentleman’s Gazette among many other YouTube channels. He adds variety to his content by adding short videos on simple yet important issues like matching the right colours of your shoes with your suit or even lacing your dress shoes the right way. These intricate details will help polish your look to the maximum. In addition, he gives business advice and talks about moral issues and motivation for success. Having such an immense contribution to men’s fashion and being such a great guide to men, the number 1 spot is rightfully his!

I have acquired a fair share of knowledge about fashion from these gentlemen who not only dress well but also put in a lot of effort and time in creating quality content which helps us walk through our everyday life with a touch of class.