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Employment Screening, BPSS Retrieval and personnel background checks.

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Screening will cut the threat to organisational standing and supply a continuous high degree of protection.

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Employment screening bundles. Background checks. Candidate vetting. Criminal background and rights to perform tests, Legislation compliance, due diligence and organisational standing protection. Industry tailored packages.


Baseline Personnel Security Standard. Testing for civil servants and government contractors. Screening for communications, energy and finance businesses.


BS clearance is a code of practice determined by the BSI that offers an employment screening benchmark for businesses seeking to satisfy the high standards necessary to operate in their industry.


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Safe screening solutions helped me to finish BPSS screenings for people. I didn’t understand exactly what a BPSS screening was the procedure that went with it! The group walked through it every step along the waythey were constantly available to answer questions and allow me to feel encouraged in a procedure I had been unfamiliar with. I wouldn’t online employment background check wait to recommend them and will probably be using them again if we want additional screenings completed.

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We participated using Secure Screening Services in the start of the year and have found them to be an important partner to our enterprise. As a recruiting agency, we must do background checks for lots of our Clients in a brief time period that could be an administrational load and time consuming. Their platform Is Quite easy to use together with the staff providing fast results and because using their solutions We’ve been able to enhance our business processes and concentrate on greater productivity

Taryn Watson Operations Manager in Human Capital Ventures Ltd..


We are aware that screening is the basis to any organisations achievement. Finding the ideal people for the ideal functions is hugely significant and our procedures can allow you to attain that. Screening will guarantee your confidence in your visitors and permit you to meet your legal and regulatory duties.