Series-Cravings The Lost Boys Watch Stream

Release year: 1987 /
Jason Patric /
Genres: Comedy, Horror /
User Rating: 7,8 of 10 /
runtime: 1hours 37 Min







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A-Z Horror Movie of the Day. The Lost Boys” R – 1987 – US)
Sub-Genre: Monster/Vampire
My Score: 8.5
Cast=10 Acting=9 Plot=7 Ending=10 Story=9 Scare=8 Jump=6 F/X=9 Monster=10 Romance=7
A story of a mother and her two sons moving to a small coastal town. When the older brother starts behaving strangely, the younger finds out that people are more than just strange in this town.
“Notice anything unusual about Santa Carla yet? I did… I noticed this movie is AWESOME! This is easily one of my top 3 Vampire movies of all has never been anything like it and I can’t imagine it will ever happen again. The cast, acting, and story are really sets it apart is the soundtrack. Very rarely does a soundtrack fit the movie as well as this. I may have to check your reflection in the mirror before I invite you in to watch it.

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